About me

I’m Anna Maria Mirabella

I was born in Syracuse and even though I have traveled widely I have chosen to live here all my life in the place I love so much.

For the last twenty years I have worked as a guide in Syracuse, Messina, Taormina, Ragusa and their provinces. Speaking in English , Russian and Italian.

I am passionate about Sicily with its fascinating history, mythology and culture. I work with passion, competence and harmony and for this reason I am the ideal guide to share with you the history and legends of my land.

People describe my personality as radiant, friendly, pleasant, passionate and dynamic. Thanks to these characteristics I can explain, through my words all the love I feel for my island and talk in depth about anything you wish to know.

Many times during tours, people have told me that they have been touched by my words. They tell me that through my descriptions, ancient history is brought to life, they can visualize the past and they feel as though they have stepped into a time machine and together we have journeyed back to the time which I am describing.

 I am so proud to be Sicilian. I believe that my characteristics of passion, warmth, competence and cordiality, which are the most important traits of the Sicilian people combined with my childhood desire to learn other languages have been received as a divine gift that enables me to share the wonders and history of Sicily, with people from all over the world. The events that happened here thousands of years ago have helped to shape the world today.

I love my work as a guide and I hope one day soon we can meet and I will have the opportunity to share with you the stories and magic of Sicily.